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    Wall Insulation in Seattle, Everett, and Kent

    The walls are one of the most significant sources of air leaks inside your home. Insulating them helps maximize energy efficiency and provides additional comfort for your family.

    Newer home construction typically includes state-of-the-art insulation, but homes built decades ago will need wall insulation installed as part of a home improvement renovation.

    When it comes to your Seattle home, you want to ensure the wall insulation is good. You’ll want to know that it will deliver the best results possible, so leave it to the pros. Trust an experienced contractor from Attic Projects in Seattle for your wall insulation services.


    Why Does Insulation Matter?

    Most people know that wall insulation slows down the loss of your home’s heat. But it does much more than that. Many homeowners use insulation materials to create a sound barrier between rooms. Although it won’t become totally soundproof, interior wall insulation can reduce noise transfer.

    Interior and exterior wall insulation reduce the rate of heat transfer between rooms. Without insulation, air will enter and exit your home easily, causing the temperature to increase and decrease to uncomfortable levels. This fluctuation forces your HVAC unit to work harder to keep your home comfortable and drives up your monthly energy bills.

    How Do I Know What Insulation to Get?

    The best insulation material for your home depends on the local climate, budget, and installation area. Common materials used are as follows:

    Spray foam insulation is made from polyurethane and applied using a special sprayer. It easily gets into tight spaces, making it an ideal insulation material for cold climates.

    Injection insulation gets inserted into your wall’s cavity to create an air seal, stopping drafts from moving inside your home.

    Blown-in insulation is made of fiberglass spun into fibers or cellulose. This material gets installed using a blower machine.

    Foam board insulation is made of dense material and may be laminated on either side.

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    What Is Insulation R-Value?

    Insulation material is rated according to its R-value. This number tells you how well that material will prevent heat from leaving or entering your home. R-value varies based on the insulation material’s type, thickness, and density. The higher the R-value, the more protection it provides for your home.

    R-values typically range from R10 to R60. Higher numbers are best for areas that need more insulation, like an attic. However, insulation with a lower R-value could provide comparable insulation to materials with higher values when more is used or layered.

    The R-value per inch varies between brands, types of insulation, and how it was installed. However, you can expect insulation to fall within these ranges:

    • Foam Board: R4.5 to R5
    • RetroFoam Injection Foam: R4.6 to R5
    • Open Cell Spray Foam: R3.6 to R3.9
    • Cellulose (Loose-Fill): R3.1 to R3.8
    • Fiberglass (Loose-Fill): R2.2 to R2.9

    You can always increase your R-value by applying another layer of material.

    How Wall Insulation Can Save You Money

    Poorly, non-insulated walls allow heat to escape your home, making it more challenging for your HVAC system to keep a comfortable temperature. This means it must work harder to maintain a warm home, forcing your energy bills to skyrocket. Adding insulation to your walls saves you money by keeping heat inside.

    It’s hard to determine an exact estimate for how much money you save after having wall installation installed. It depends on the type of insulation you have installed, along with the total R-value it represents.

    You can find the best insulation for your home and begin saving money with Attic Project.


    How Attic Projects Can Assist You with Your Insulation

    If your home could benefit from wall insulation, Attic Project is here to help. We offer free inspections for your home, where we’ll answer all of your questions. A qualified contractor will assess your walls and identify any unknown issues to create a full picture of your requested insulation project.

    Attic Insulation

    Like your walls, choosing the correct attic insulation for your home is crucial to your comfort and energy savings. Before we complete any installation, we’ll thoroughly inspect your attic space to ensure there aren’t any issues that need addressing, like rodents or mold. Don’t continue letting air escape through your roof!

    Crawl Space Insulation

    Insulating your crawl space is as crucial as protecting the rest of your home. At Attic Projects in Seattle, we adequately install and seal the most vital areas of your home: floors, walls, and rim joists. Our services will help keep the pests and mold out of your crawl space.

    Wall Insulation

    Insulating finished walls can be tricky because it’s challenging to get insulation inside the wall and between the studs and cavities. It is easiest to install insulation when the studs are still visible before the drywall or another wall material is placed. But we’ve got the necessary tools to get the job done right.


    We live in an older home near a large park area. Since buying our home, we’ve had to deal with the occasional rat. These guys came out and sealed my entire attic space – vs setting a few traps. Then vacuumed out the entire space that had nearly 100 years of debris – including from our new roof and insulated the entire house. Love the 5 year warranty against the rats and we already notice how much warmer the house is. The did a great job keeping area clean and protecting floors, walls while working. Highly recommend.


    It’s a stressful situation when you find black mold in your home. The guys at Attic Projects were professional, polite and respectfully clean. They finished the job in a timely manner and went the extra mile to make sure I was satisfied with their work. Once the job was completed we instantly noticed a difference in our home’s humidity- going from 70% to the optimal 50%. I’d highly recommend these guys. Jordan, your customer service was top notch, thank you for making this a stress free experience.


    Attic Projects was so incredibly thorough and detailed with their description of how and why they were going to do each step, I knew I could trust them. These guys get it!! Total professionals, hard workers and they invited me to poke my head up in the attic during and after the job was complete. My in-laws received before and after pics and received a 5-year warranty on rodent proofing This was a big job and these guys absolutely killed it. I’d recommend them to anyone with similar issues. Thanks Attic Projects!!

    LEE S.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Should I have an inspection before getting my attic remodeled?

    Yes. You want to make sure that your attic is safe and ready for any remodeling begins. There may be pests, mold, or even asbestos lurking in your attic. Call a licensed professional at Attic Projects for a free inspection of your attic today.

    How do I know if my attic can handle a remodel?

    Our professionals will inspect your attic prior to any remodeling. The joints of your attic and the framing of the ceiling will determine if any work can be done, or support any weight. Contact Attic Projects today to get a free inspection!

    Can I make the space in my attic into another living space?

    Many attics have the full potential to be living spaces, such as a bedroom, guest room, or even just a bonus family room! However, not all attics are made for this type of space. Our licensed professionals can help you make these decisions with a free inspection.

    Why do I need an inspection before I begin remodeling my attic?

    Your attic may require sanitation and cleaning, along with framing and additional support to the joints of your attic. If you begin remodeling before finding out what else needs to be done, your ceilings could collapse, or you could be exposed to dangerous molds and asbestos.

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    Do You Qualify for a Rebate?

    Damaged insulation from mold, moisture, or pests? Looking to lower heating and cooling bills, or just wanting to improve your home’s insulation R-value? Perhaps you recently built a new home. Whatever the reason, don’t pay full price for new insulation.

    Earn An Instant Insulation Rebate For Up To $600 Today!

    Attic Cleaning
    Attic Cleaning

    Humane Rodent Removal and Proofing

    Rodents are a nightmare for any homeowner. They can lower the value of your home by causing serious damage, foul odors, and extensively unsanitary conditions. They also pose a significant health risk to you and your family by spreading disease and causing illness. The last thing you want is to waste your time removing rodents, only to have them move right back in. At Attic Projects, we not only humanely remove the rodents and pests from your home, but we also rodent-proof your home so they can’t come back. In order to keep the pests and rodents out permanently, you have to close up every entry point that they may squeeze into. Call Attic Projects today to get your free estimate.


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