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Signs Your Home May Be Under-Insulated

under insulation can cause heat waves in your home

Maintaining an optimal temperature in the home during the colder and hotter months is a challenge. Whether it’s drafty rooms or a home that never seems to cool-down, an uncomfortable temperature can cause physical discomfort. Additionally, a home which lacks proper insulation is also a financial burden with out of control heating or cooling costs. Here are some signs that your home may be under-insulated.

Constantly Changing Interior Temperatures

Homes which lack a sufficient amount of insulation are going to lose both warmer air in the winter and cooler air in the summer, requiring an excessive amount of energy to keep an interior environment at the desired temperature. If your home’s interior temperature is constantly changing, it is likely due to warm or cold air escaping due to improper or inadequate insulation in your home. It’s possible that your attic insulation may have shifted, resulting in more cold or hot air entering through the top of your home. This situation may require you to hire a contractor to perform a new insulation installation to rectify the issue.

Abnormally High Energy Bills

Have your home’s energy bills ballooned out of control, causing financial stress for you and your family? It’s entirely likely that your home’s insulation is no longer functioning as it needs to and may require new insulation. If you notice your home’s furnace is remaining on much longer than it usually is for the same level of cold, it’s a signal that your home’s insulation may not be sufficient to maintain desired temperatures. Cutting energy costs can make the price of having new attic insulation installed worth the price, as this is often a person’s largest utility cost.

Animal Infestation

Signs that rats or other rodents may be living within your home are an indication that your home may not have enough insulation present or that your existing insulation is no longer providing your home with a barrier against pests. Animals such as rats and mice will take advantage of poor insulation by entering your property through these cracks, eventually creating a problem much bigger than a simple insulation issue.

Attic Insulation Services in Southern California

If your family or your business is in need of insulation services, contact Attic Projects today to begin the process of regaining the comforts you seek. You shouldn’t have to suffer through drafts or constantly changing temperatures as the result of poor insulation, especially when there are affordable options available at your disposal. Attic Projects is committed to helping you save money on your bills and keep your home free from critters, mold, and other issues which result from poor insulation.