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    Uninsulated Ducts May Be Costing You Hundreds

    Your home’s heating and cooling bills likely make up the largest individual chunk of your overall utility costs. Insulation helps isolate your home from the temperatures outside to use heating and cooling systems more efficiently. The impact of attic and crawlspace insulation is clear, but duct insulation can be just as important.

    If your ducts aren’t insulated, you could be losing hundreds in heating and cooling costs each year. While it might not seem like a major issue, consider that every bit of heated or cooled air that enters your home passes through ductwork. Your ducts are also made of metal, which tends to hold heat or cold depending on the temperature outside, further increasing losses.

    Assuming your home already has attic and crawl space insulation, the next major improvement you can make is insulating your ductwork. You could find yourself saving hundreds every year, along with enjoying more consistently comfortable temperatures throughout your home.

    How Insulating Your Ducts Can Make Your Home Energy Efficiency

    Insulating your ducts is one of the best ways that you can make your home energy-efficient. In many cases, your ductwork may pass through areas like crawlspaces and attics that you don’t want to heat or cool. Uninsulated ducts constantly transfer heat to these areas, wasting energy with no benefit to you and your family.

    Duct insulation comes in several forms, all of which are used to create a thermal barrier around the duct. Whether using a wrapped layer of insulation or spray foam, the end result is that there’s a buffer separating the heated or cooled air inside the ductwork from the ambient air outside.

    This greatly reduces heat transfer, meaning less energy is lost as air makes its way through your ducts to different parts of your home. You’ll be using less energy to keep your home at the same comfortable temperature, leading to both lower utility bills and reduced environmental impact.

    What Is the Difference Between Insulation and Sealant?

    You’ve probably heard of duct sealing before and might not know how it differs from insulation. Both duct sealing and insulation are important methods for improving your home’s energy efficiency and reducing wasted energy in your HVAC system.

    Duct sealing is meant to stop air from escaping the ductwork. As air travels through the ducts, it can easily leak through certain joints and fittings. Sealing those joints and fittings prevents air from getting out. Duct sealing also deals with leaks caused by small punctures in other sections of the ducts created by physical damage or pests.

    Both sealing and insulating stop heat from escaping your ducts.

    It’s not a case of choosing between sealing and insulation. In most cases, using both together provides the best possible outcome. If your ducts are old enough that they’re uninsulated or have insulation that needs replacing, chances are they’ve also developed some drafts that need sealing. Attic Projects can provide both duct sealing and duct insulation for your home.

    Attic Projects Duct Insulation Services

    To take full advantage of the benefits of duct insulation, you need professional installation. The experts at Attic Projects provide just that — quality installation handled and supervised by our experienced team.

    If you think it’s about time your ducts got some new insulation, our technicians can provide you with a free quote for your installation. We’ll evaluate your current situation and provide you with options that can reduce your energy bills for years to come.

    Our insulation installations come with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting quality results. Contact Attic Projects today to get your free quote.

    Contact A Seattle Attic Company

    Interested in converting your attic in the Seattle area?

    Contact Attic Projects today for a free custom estimate. Our technicians will give you a comprehensive quote and help determine a perfect plan of action. All of our technicians are licensed and bonded and we offer a satisfaction guarantee.

    Contact us today to get your attic in top-shape!



    We live in an older home near a large park area. Since buying our home, we’ve had to deal with the occasional rat. These guys came out and sealed my entire attic space – vs setting a few traps. Then vacuumed out the entire space that had nearly 100 years of debris – including from our new roof and insulated the entire house. Love the 5 year warranty against the rats and we already notice how much warmer the house is. The did a great job keeping area clean and protecting floors, walls while working. Highly recommend.


    It’s a stressful situation when you find black mold in your home. The guys at Attic Projects were professional, polite and respectfully clean. They finished the job in a timely manner and went the extra mile to make sure I was satisfied with their work. Once the job was completed we instantly noticed a difference in our home’s humidity- going from 70% to the optimal 50%. I’d highly recommend these guys. Jordan, your customer service was top notch, thank you for making this a stress free experience.


    Attic Projects was so incredibly thorough and detailed with their description of how and why they were going to do each step, I knew I could trust them. These guys get it!! Total professionals, hard workers and they invited me to poke my head up in the attic during and after the job was complete. My in-laws received before and after pics and received a 5-year warranty on rodent proofing This was a big job and these guys absolutely killed it. I’d recommend them to anyone with similar issues. Thanks Attic Projects!!

    LEE S.


    Fill out the form or give us a call at 425.516.1055

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