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How to Handle a Rat Infestation in a Residential Community

Rodent infestations in residential communities can spread quickly if they are not promptly identified and contained, Our free eBook provides tips for property managers and HOAs to help locate rodent infestations and keep your community safe & clean.

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There are few things that will make residents feel unwelcome in their living community like a rodent infestation. With multi-unit buildings or close proximity of houses in a residential community, the ability of a rodent problem to spread between homes is amplified. If your residents have seen or heard the tell tale signs of rodents around their home, or if you have a hunch that unwanted tenants have made their way inside, it’s time to take action.

At Attic Projects, we strive to provide property managers and HOAs with all of the tools that they need to identify and manage their multi-unit rodent problem. For that reason, we put together a comprehensive eBook detailing How to Handle a Rat Infestation in a Residential Community. In this guide, we discuss:

  • Why Rodent Infestations are Problematic
  • Finding Rats On Your Property
  • Signs You Have a Rodent Infestation
  • Best Practices For Safe Rodent Removal

If you are interested in learning more, please download our Rodent Proofing Guide for free.

So You’ve Identified A Rodent Problem… Now What?

While we hope that you found our eBook to be helpful with your potential rodent problem, we also know that a proper, thorough inspection can also lead to some unwanted findings. If you happened to identify a rodent infestation in your residential community or multi-unit property, you may be feeling overwhelmed with making your residents feel safe and solving the problem on your own.

We have a team of rodent proofing experts that can take care of your current infestation and ensure that the pesky houseguests don’t spread between homes and become a community wide problem. If you need help with your rodent removal and prevention projects, contact us today.


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