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Thinking about getting an inspection? You’re in luck — we offer free, no obligation inspections.

When you have an issue in your attic or crawl space, you want someone qualified to come out and inspect it. An inspection is vital for several reasons, including:

  • Making sure the requested service fits the problem
  • Discover the extent of the situation
  • Identify any unknown issue that may be occurring
  • Get a full picture of the state of your attic or crawl space

Before any job is started in your attic or crawl space, we complete a full, free detailed inspection to analyze the situation to determine the right service for your situation.


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    Our Mantra? DO IT RIGHT – DO IT ONCE.

    Why do we offer free inspections?

    When you contact Attic Projects for an estimate or inquire about a service, we will send out one of our qualified technicians to inspect your attic or crawl space, free of charge.

    The inspection is also for us. In order to offer a competitive estimate we need to get a visual picture of the working area. By conducting a detailed inspection we can make sure to send our crew ready and loaded with everything they need to complete the job in the best way possible and in a timely manner. There are a lot of things we need to take into consideration when it comes to Attic and Crawl spaces.

    What we take into consideration:

    • How difficult is it to move in the working area?
    • Safety of our crew!
    • The right equipment and number of crew members needed to complete the job.
    • Amount of set up needed to protect your house before even start working
    • Preparation that is needed: Water sprinklers, electrical hazard, and much more.

    We offer free inspections to make sure you are fully aware of the situation you are facing. When we come to your home, our only job is to make sure you are informed. We are not there to close a sale.

    We know you don’t like surprises, and we don’t either.

    Once our inspection is complete, we leave the decisions to you. There is no pressure to follow through with the service and no hard sales. We let you know about the true situation – good or bad! We will never start a job on your property before we explain to you what is involved. We want to make sure that our company and you are on the same page.

    We don’t send estimates without first taking the time to explain our scope of work. This can be in person or over the phone.

    You Are More Than Welcome to Join!

    If you feel safe to climb up with us to the attic or down below to the crawl space, we are more than happy to show you what we are checking during the inspection and what we will be working on.

    If not it’s ok we understand! We will back up everything we do with a bunch of photos and videos.

    Our Inspection Process

    What You Get From Our Inspection

    • 1 Free inspection by experienced in-house team member
    • 2 Full report of the findings in person
    • 3 Photos from the inspection
    • 4 Video from the darkest corners of your attic or crawl space
    • 5 Estimated time needed to complete the job
    • 6 Different options and materials to complete the job
    • 7 Email with the price to take you to where you want to be
    Inspection man

    Only Qualified Technicians Enter Your Home

    When you hire Attic Projects to conduct an inspection, we know you are expecting one of our trained technicians to come to your home.

    And that is what you should get.

    Most companies send out a salesman to conduct their inspections with the sole goal of selling a service to you. They may be able to identify some basic issues, but they are there to sell you a service, not educate you on their findings. We believe there is no need to sell you and it’s against our values.

    We make sure to hire and train the right individuals that follow our company guidelines.

    Other companies also tend to conduct incomplete inspections, but they often do so in irresponsible ways that could cause damage to your property or using ineffective techniques.

    We find this practice unacceptable.

    At Attic Projects, we send out a trained technician who has gone through extensive training and has ample experience. They will know what to look for during a thorough inspection of your space and report back with their detailed findings. There are too many important things to take into consideration before any attic or crawl space job. All inspector training is based in our company!

    We believe knowledge is key, and by fully informing you of your situation, we empower you to make the right decisions for your home.

    We Inspect Corner to Corner

    Do you want a quick inspection that doesn’t identify the real issues, or do you want a detailed inspection that saves you time and money?

    When we inspect your space, you can be sure we will take our time – so, be sure to give us time! We inspect your space corner to corner to be sure we find everything that needs to be done the first time. This allows us to provide you with the most detailed information about your situation and create an accurate estimate.

    Other companies may provide a quick, 5-10-minute inspection that glosses over the space. Their goal is to get a general idea of your situation and make the sale. In the end, they may not pinpoint the real problem or miss a major issue that should have been addressed.

    In the end, you end up with a higher bill, and possibly more damage from a situation that was left unaddressed.

    How Long Does a Free Inspection Take?

    This is a common question and one that is difficult to answer. The length of an inspection can change, depending on the area of your home being inspected, how difficult it is to move inside the space (such as an attic or crawl space), and the level of your situation.

    The estimated time based on our data is typically one to two hours, including the time to educate you about your situation to fully understand what you are faced with.
    Whether you need your attic or crawl space inspected for rodents, insulation issues, mold, asbestos, or HVAC maintenance, we’ve got you covered. Contact Attic Projects today for your free inspection and custom estimate.

    We Offer Special Discounts!


    Fill out the form or give us a call at 425.516.1055

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