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What are the benefits of a clean attic?

If you wish to maintain high efficiency and health standards within your home, having a clean attic is imperative. A contaminated and dirty attic can cause breathing issues, allergic reactions, and serious health issues. Our attic cleaning services include the removal and prevention of excessive dust, animal feces, animal urine, dead animals, mold, and mildew. Our team is also prepared to identify and replace damaged insulation if necessary.

Why should I care about a clean crawl space?

Crawl spaces are often overlooked and forgotten about. However, if your crawl space is dirty, it can invite pests as well as excessive moisture into your home. Both of these issues can lead to higher utility bills and decreased air quality. Our crawl space specialists are trained to identify potential problems and fix them. Neglecting this area can lead to expensive repairs and/or replacements in the future.

Can I have too much insulation?

Actually, yes. Too much insulation is not good for your attic, just like inadequate insulation is not good. If it is over insulated, it will restrict airflow and decrease the amount of ventilation. Without proper ventilation, your HVAC system cannot get rid of cold air. If left unchecked, this problem can lead to excessive moisture and encourage the growth of mold and mildew.

Is insulation expensive?

Insulation is not expensive at all. This is especially true if you compare it to the cost of potential repairs, higher utility bills, and health issues associated with a lack of or damaged insulation. Having adequate insulation installed in your attic and crawl spaces can help you to save upwards of 30% on your energy bills and pest control costs. The question shouldn’t be, “How expensive is insulation?” The more important question is, “How expensive will it be if I don’t have proper insulation?”

How can attic and crawl space inspections save you money?

Having your attic and crawl space inspected can keep you abreast of repairs that need to be made, whether or not you have a rodent infestation, and how clean your air quality is. Tackling these issues head-on will allow you to fix them before they grow into much larger and more expensive problems.

How safe is fiberglass insulation?

All insulation that we use is safe for your home and the environment. This is due to its natural fibers that are treated with top-notch formulas. Our fiberglass insulation also has pest control properties that help to get rid of roaches, ants, termites, and other types of infestations. We only use insulation that is fire-retardant, sound-deadening, and has a high R-Value.

Do I have to remove old insulation before installing new insulation?

It all depends on the situation. If your current insulation is in good condition and you would like to increase its efficiency by adding more, then it may be okay to add new insulation over the old. However, if your current insulation is dirty, contaminated, pest-infested, or otherwise damaged, it is recommended that you remove the old insulation and replace it with new insulation.

Are your estimates free?

Absolutely. After you give us a call to schedule your appointment, our well-trained attic and crawl space professionals will make a visit and give you a free inspection. Once the inspection is completed, you will know what (if anything) needs to be repaired, replaced, or redone. This service is free for all of our customers.

What will I learn from a free inspection?

Our inspectors will thoroughly search your attic and crawl space for issues with insulation, ventilation, pest infestations, and air quality concerns. You will learn if anything needs to be repaired or replaced in your attic or crawl space. If there are no issues found, you will at least have peace of mind.

How can I prepare myself for an inspection?

Other than scheduling the inspection, you do not need to do much to be prepared. Our technicians are equipped with the expertise and gear to make needed repairs, clean-up the worksite, and re-insulate if necessary. Furthermore, you do not have to be at home during the inspections. Our trustworthy team will take photos and call you after the inspection is over to discuss the details.

If I have pests, will you get rid of them?

We are not a pest control company. However, we provide a longterm solution that will help slowly get rid of pests and prevent them from coming back. We seal all entry points into the attic and ensure that the environment is inhospitable to any pests that may want to move into your home.

Will you permanently get rid of rodents?

Yes. Our rodent proofing strategy helps to ensure that pests cannot get into your house after you have already killed the ones that are inside. This strategy, in tandem with traditional pest control methods (traps, baits, poison, etc.), is ideal for permanently getting rid of and preventing rodents.

Can’t I just clean up my attic and crawl space on my own?

Initially, it may seem cheaper to clean your attic and replace your insulation on your own. However, if done improperly, you could cause more harm than good. In addition to the dust and particles, old insulation is often contaminated and can cause serious health issues if improperly removed. Our professionals know how to handle insulation and clean a dirty attic safely.

Why should I work with Attic Projects?

Attic Projects is a small company that makes a huge impact. Our team of dedicated specialists are here to help you identify issues with your crawl space or attic, make repairs and replacements, and ensure that your home maintains a high air quality. We have excellent online reviews because we care deeply about the work that we do and the clients that place their trust in us.


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